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How we met :)

December 10, 2009

It all started with an innocent post on Craigslist. I was looking for a mentor to teach me about things, but I was quite adamant about doing it through text or IM. A whole bunch of guys wrote back. I asked them all like a bazillion questions and for the most part the answers I got back stated ‘If you want to learn more I’ll have to meet you in person.’ Ummm…no, thanks.

I’m not sure if I ever actually wrote back to him. He was one of the last ones to email me and I had pretty much given up. Anyways, I kept getting a bunch of friend requests on my yahoo which I always accepted. Well, one night he wrote to me. He asked me how we knew each other and I reminded him of Craigslist.
We talked the whole night (Friday, 10/9)…and the next day, too (Saturday, 10/10). By Sunday (10/11) he was ready to meet me. For some odd reason, I agreed. I hadn’t agreed to meet anyone else, but he seemed different. My mom was at a funeral so he told me that if she wasn’t home by midnight he was coming over. I figured she’d be home by then so I agreed. Well, I was wrong. She got home just after midnight. So at 12:15am on Monday morning I walked out to meet the man who would change my life.

He could tell I was nervous. I was suprised when he leaned in to kiss me and he kissed my forehead instead. Then my cheeks and the tip of my nose. He was quite brilliant. It helped me relax a bit. Then he kissed me and my knees went weak. After a while he moved on to my neck…Wow! Biting (which I later found out is 2 parts sucking, 1 part biting) my neck felt absolutely magnificent! He left me a couple of hickeys (which took about a week to go away).

When we were walking back to my house, we got caught. Apperently, my mom had heard my dog barking incessantly and she had gone to my room to see what had happened. Guess who’s bed was empty? Mine. So she went outside to look for me. Guess what I was doing when she found me? Kissing him goodnight. Oh boy. She was not pleased. She yelled at me for a while and by the time it had occurred to her to look for him he had already disappeared.

Well, I spent the rest of my night being yelled at. And now I live in a maximum security prison -.-
The good news is that I’m home alone from 6:15am until about 7pm, so the maximum security only applies on nights and weekends.

So that’s the story of how we met. Not exactly the traditional way, but we don’t have a traditional relationship.

My next post will be about why I started this blog.

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