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Why I think my boyfriend is perfect :)

December 10, 2009

Quite simply, its because of the way I feel when I’m with/around/thinking of him.
My knees go weak, my heart drops, my blood pressure rises, my breath quickens, I get light headed…and all of this is just from THINKING he’s coming over!

He’s super sweet…and thoughtful.
He understands my curiosity.
He’s the kind of guy that will give me my first bottle of lube as an early birthday present. He writes love letters.
He cares about my feelings.
He encourages me to be a strong, independent woman.
He doesn’t get upset when I don’t let him cum (it only happened once). He understands the importance of letting me talk about how I feel. He knows how to listen.
He knows that sometimes, holding me close to him is the best thing he can do. He can tell my ‘overwhelmed’ tears from my ‘sad’ tears.
He knows how to make me smile.
He always says the right things.
He made me a part of his zombie survival team.
He formally asked me to be his girlfriend (rather than just assuming). He makes me feel comfortable around him.
He tells me the way he feels about me.
He constantly tells me he loves me.
He likes the thrill he gets everytime we see each other as much as I do.
He wakes up at 4am just so he can be at my house by 6:30am so we can spend a few hours together before he goes to work. He keeps the letters I write him.
He can put a smile on my face with just 2 words.
He knows how to kiss me in just the right spot.
He knows that blowing softly on my pussy can be just as effective as anything else. He knows how to finger me better than I do.
He understands that the secret to anal sex is going slow…and lots of lube. He puts up with all of my childish nonsense.
He takes his role as my teacher seriously.
He doesn’t dismiss my childish notions.
He respects my decisions.
He knows that although I may want to try something that doesn’t mean I’m ready.
He also knows that just because I’m afraid of something that doesn’t mean I don’t want to try. He knows how to push my limits without ‘crossing the line’.
He acknowledges the fact that he’s not perfect (though I beg to differ). He knows that when I’m upset is the time I need him to hold me the most.
He understands that even though I’m 18, I can’t just go sleep over at his house (though I most certainly wish I could). He loves me regardless of the stupid things I say.
He loves me even when I’m in my dorky band kid mode.
He loves me even when I start to ramble.
He loves me for who I am.

And that’s some of the reasons why I think my boyfriend is perfect. 😀

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  1. pinochina permalink
    December 13, 2009 9:30 am

    You said, “He’s super sweet…and thoughtful.” but when you describe your interactions and conversations this guy all I can think is “What a self-centered asshole.”

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