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The honest truth (as opposed to the lying truth)

December 14, 2009

Mon, 14 Dec 2009 12:34:44 -0500

This is an email I sent my boyfriend today. As you read through it, though, keep in mind that this has been taken out of context. My boyfriend and I have recently began being honest. He was always honest with me, but I had lied about a few things. So, in the spirit of honesty, I sent him this email.

First off, I would gladly give back the lube and the cologne if it meant I got to talk to you more often. You know I need a lot of attention…so why don’t you give it to me? I noticed that you were trying this weekend, but emails aren’t enough. I need to IM you…I need instant gratification…but when I finally do get to IM you, you’re too busy to write back right away. I know I’m being unreasonable. I understand that you have things that need to get done and I can’t just demand your time, but you wanted honesty.

I wish I could explain to you what vaginal sex feels like. Its not that great. (This is why I hate email…I can’t properly convey my message). Its not that its not enjoyable, its just that I think there are more enjoyable things we could be doing. My favorite thing about it is watching you…especially when you’re about to cum…you look so sexy. But don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a problem with normal sex…its ok. This is no reflection on you…you’ve already proven yourself a master of the female anatomy. I think this is just a personal preference. I really hope you don’t take this the wrong way. I’d still like to have sex…just not everytime. Its not very high on my list of things to do with you.

Oral sex, however, is. Your tongue feels so wonderful. The way you play with my clit…gently sucking it…I wish we could do it more. I think that if you’re trying to make me cum, oral sex is the best way to do it. The only problem I have with oral sex is that after a while my clit gets really sensitive.

Fingering…oh god! I had no idea it could feel so good. When you hit my g-spot I go crazy…the only problem is that I can’t do it like you can. I’ve been masturbating for a very long time and never has it felt that good. I particularily like when you finger my ass. I wish I could describe to you how good it feels. Just know that I will never complain from being fingered.

Anal sex: at first, I figured I’d give it a try to see what it was like…but after feeling the pain I knew I’d hate it. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that it felt good. So when we tried it the second time, I was suprised at how much it hurt…but I was glad you kept fucking me until you came. Now its all I can think about. I love anal. It still hurts a bit when you first go in…and it hurts when you pull out…but in between it feels so wonderful.

Being on top: there are many reasons why I don’t want to be on top…one of the reasons I may not have mentioned is I’m slightly intimidated by the idea of it. You’re a lot stronger than I am…and you struggle with it…so I think about me being on top and it seems a near impossibility. I simply don’t understand it. I don’t know how I should position myself so I’ll be comfortable. I know I’ll need something to hold me up/push off against…but I don’t know what. I’m simply afraid of the unknown. Plus, I can imagine the way my boobs will be moving. X(
I hate when my boobs move like that…not only is it physically painful, I think it looks weird.

So yeah…it took me almost 6 hours to write all of this down. I’ve put a lot of thought into it. I hope that now you’ll understand my motives a bit better…but I’d still like to talk the next time you come over.

I don’t think I want to take sex off the table completely…I like sex. I think that what I need is to spend a day talking to you. I feel as though I’m fucking a stranger…a very cute stranger, but a stranger, nonetheless. Lets face it, we don’t know very much about each other. That’s not to say that I don’t love you, simply that my love for you has grown beyond sex.

I really hope all of this makes sense. If it doesn’t then let me know which part and I’ll try to explain it.



PS: I’m glad you got to sleep today. I could tell you needed it.

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