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The things I’ve learned

December 23, 2009

I used to think that he was perfect. I used to think that nothing I did could hurt him. I was wrong. He’s not perfect. I can hurt him.

He’s insecure like I am. He has body-image issues like I do. He worries about what I think of him, like I do.

I tend to forget that he has feelings. I say what’s on my mind with regard for how he will feel afterwards. I can’t believe he hasn’t broken up with me yet. Especially after how insensitive I was. While its true that I should be honest, I don’t have to be brutally honest. From now on I think I’ll have to work on being a bit more sensitive to his feelings. I know he’d never show it, but the things I’ve said hurt him a great deal. Usually its just out of a misunderstanding. Like when I told him I wanted him to be on top because then I could lie to myself and say that I had no choice in the matter, he thought that meant I didn’t consider it lovemaking. Of course he’d be hurt by that. But that not what I meant. It just came out wrong.

I need to start expressing myself better. I need to start expressing my love towards him, rather than just assume he knows. I need to tell him that his cock is big enough, thick enough, smells good and tastes good.

I wonder what else he’s insecure about that he hasn’t told me yet. What are guys typically insecure about? I wish I knew.

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  1. January 4, 2010 3:48 pm

    Believe me all of us men are insecure about a lot of things, just some are better are hiding it or keeping it under control.

    Just keep telling him he’s good/sweet/caring or whatever the situation is, believe me he’ll love those words because I sure did when my ex told me I was great at sex/going down on her, making her feel special, loved and other things. She would say your exact words how she didn’t deserve me and thought I deserved better.

    But also don’t go overboard with the compliments because saying them too often will have them lose their meaning, even if they are 100% sincire. Just find a right balence.

    I know my advice isn’t very helpful or anything but just wanted to chim in my 2 cents.

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