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Friends Again

March 11, 2010

We had a very enlightening conversation last night. I don’t even know how it started. But he showed me his way of thinking. He explained to me that he sees our relationship differently than I do.
When he first asked me to be his girlfriend, he hadn’t started his business yet. He had so much time to devote to me. We both figured it would always be that way. Then came the grand opening. His life was slowly sucked away from him. He no longer had any time for me. To him, this merely shifted the dynamic of our relationship. I, however, kept seeing it the way I had always seen it. I saw our relationship the way a typical high schooler would. Why? Because I see my friends with their boyfriends. They’re always kissing…always holding hands…always going out together. I want what they have. Sadly, I he can’t give that to me. He sees our relationship the way a 25 year old entrepreneur would. He sees us as 2 people who enjoy each other’s company. Initially, he wanted us to be boyfriend and girlfriend in the traditional sense, but as his situation changed, so did our relationship. The difference in the way we each defined our relationship was putting a strain that would have torn us apart. But last night he took the time to explain it to me.

I’m so glad that we were able to talk last night. It showed me that he does love me…in his own way.

He also took the time to tell me the things he loved most about me. Then he asked something unexpected. He asked me what he did that I didn’t like…so I told him. I told him all the little things he does that I don’t like. And he listened. Some things he said he’d keep doing…others he won’t do anymore…but the point is that now he knows.

I was so shocked by some of the things he said. Like when he was telling me what he liked about me. Somethings took me completely off guard. Things I thought he hated, I found out he loved.

Anyways, our relationship is slowly stabilizing again. I’m glad that we’ve reached the point where we can talk honestly with each other.

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