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Childish Love

May 4, 2010

I’ve loved him since the day we met. I belonged to him the moment we kissed. He’s been with me this long…Why then is my love suddenly not enough? I told him I loved him…and he said it was a childish love without trust.

Doesn’t he realize how much that hurt me? I almost started crying when he said that. What’s worse is that he chose yesterday to tell me this. He knew I was having a bad day and was already on the verge of tears…

Could it be that he’s giving me a taste of what its like to be his sub? Is he doing this to show me how much happier I am as his girlfriend?

What if he’s really planning to break up with me? Surely, he would have said so by now. But if he do break up, what will become of me? I truly do belong to him. What happens when you give yourself to someone and they leave you? Will I belong to him forever? It certainly feels that way.

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