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Geeks and Nerds

November 16, 2010

I was stumbling along the internet as I usually do when I’m procrastinating when I stumbled upon this:

The entire thing is absolutely true…nerdy guys are way better than other guys. 🙂

Why is it so difficult to find a dominant nerdy guy? -.-

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  1. November 16, 2010 3:30 pm

    Do you really want an answer? 😉

  2. November 17, 2010 2:37 pm

    The answer is fairly obvious, and a bit sad. Part of the definition of a geek or a nerd is that they lack in social abilities, and have confidence issues as a result. It is difficult for any woman to feel valued by a man who has serious issues valuing himself. This problem is greatly magnified when you are talking about a D/s relationship. Also, as the article you mentioned, this segment of the population is not very demanding. This is good if you want a casual relationship. This is bad if you are going to have an involved relationship. This is awful if you are going to have a D/s relationship. Consider: how are you going to feel when your man doesn’t ask anything of you? So…..geeks and nerds make good friends, but until they deal with some of thier issues, thier romantic potential is greatly limited. Oh, I work in IT, and have most of the traits of a nerd, so this is something I know something about. 🙂

    • November 18, 2010 9:50 am

      If you’re such a nerd, what makes you so different? Why do you value yourself so much when all the other geeks and nerds are working through their issues?

  3. November 18, 2010 10:05 am

    A number of factors contributed to me turning out differently. I have better social skills than your typical nerd (not great, just better), and human connections are so important to me that I’ll tolerate discomfort (social anxiety) to get it. Also, I was very lucky to meet the woman that ended up being my wife when I did. She helped me build self confidence in my early 20s. It has made a huge difference. 🙂

    • November 18, 2010 11:16 am

      Lol, I think you’re social skills are great 😛 I wish more guys had better self confidence.

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