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My hero

December 9, 2010

So, I logged onto meebo and found this waiting for me:

[08:59] meeboguest661464: Put the suicide option on hold ys91.
[09:01] meeboguest661464: Find some one or some thing you can love 100% and that will return that same love at the same level.
[09:05] meeboguest661464: Holiday depression is common especially amongst late teenagers. You have your whole life ahead of you. Hang in there darlin, you are worth saving.


It really made my day. So, meeboguest661464, thank you. The suicide option is definitely off the table and I have found someone I can love and who’ll love me back. He might be 1,000 miles away, but he’s always there for me, and unlike my boyfriend, he always loves hearing from me. He’s my hero.   🙂

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  1. December 9, 2010 10:11 am

    Your hero is a very lucky person to have you think so highly of them. It sounds like meeboguest661464 is a bit of a hero to, being there when you needed one most. All of your fans here appreciate his / her being there for you.

    • December 9, 2010 10:21 am

      I agree, meeboguest1661464 is a hero. I was really happy to see that IM waiting for me.

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