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School sucks

January 7, 2011

Sooooo…I started my classes on Wednesday. Wind ensemble is thoroughly intimidating. Everyone is so freakin good! I was really scared the first day…to the point of tears. But I didn’t cry. And that’s the important thing, right?

Human sexuality is proving to be quite interesting, though. The professor seems kinda funny and the class isn’t as immature as I expected.

I really hate having to go on campus so early in the morning. Since class starts at 10am it really cuts through my day. It’s smack in the middle. And I have an hour and a half between classes!

I really hate that I have to go to school 3 times a week. It makes it that much harder to see my boyfriend. I miss him and I couldn’t see him this week because I have to go to school every other day.

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  1. January 21, 2011 1:41 pm

    Try to buck up! Remember that the wind ensemble class isn’t part of your major, so don’t let problems in it make you too crazy. I certainly know what you mean about the class schedule being difficult…..when I was working on my AS in CIS, I usually had classes from the early afternoon through to night classes. I spent all day on campus. I know you’ll get through it though. 🙂

    Human sexuality? I’d figure you’d be teaching the class, not taking it! 😉

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