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Daddies and little girls

October 23, 2011

A reader left a comment recently with tons of questions. I didn’t feel a comment reply would be adequate, so I decided to make it an entire new post. His stuff is bolded, my answers are normal. 🙂

It interests me greatly. So what makes a Daddy to you would be something I’d want to understand.

 Does it actually tie in to someone who is a lot older than you?

For me, yes. I need my Daddy to be older than me. Keep in mind, this isn’t a requirement for all Daddies…more of a personal preference.

Are there certain personalities or looks that make someone a Daddy?

Yes for the personalities, no for the looks.

Or can anyone be a Daddy because the attributes are more on the inside and in the roleplay?

No, not just anyone can be a Daddy. It requires a pretty special person to be a Daddy. But, yes, the attributes are on the inside. As for role play, some would argue that this is who they are. I’m not one to split hairs, just figured it was worth mentioning.

I read this a while ago and it seems appropriate here:

There is a lot of guidance from the daddy doms for their little girls and one gets the feeling that this is perhaps the category of dominant that could be classified as the gentlest dom around. Daddies are often a wellspring of information for their little girls and would give information and training on other things such as career advice or money matters as well. Lessons learned are also reinforced with rewards the next time the little girl succeeds in handling a difficult situation at work or at home. It is all about teaching the so-called little girl about life and how to live it responsibly while allowing her to feel safe in little girl space when she needs it. (source )

It takes a very compassionate, nurturing, caring someone to be a Daddy.

Also, what’s the picture of being a little girl?

The picture of being a little girl? I’m not quite sure I understand the question but I’ll go ahead and ramble on for a while and hopefully that will answer your question. 😉

Being a little girl means resorting to my coloring books when I get stressed. I turn to my favorite movie (Tangled) when I need to relax. I look to my Daddy for guidance in almost everything I do. I tell my Daddy I love him like a bazillion times. I use irrational numbers, like infinity plus 2 (as in, “I love you infinity plus 2.”) I get tucked in almost every night. My Daddy sends me gifts…my next package includes tons of junk food, crayola crayons and a dildo…I’m most excited about the crayons!

 I get that you put lots of trust in your daddies and follow their lead… but does being the little girl spill into the other parts of your life.


 I mean I read you’re in college so does that come out in friendships, with classmates, teachers?

I do have a bit of a little girl inside of me at all times. I once took out my coloring book and colored pencils in the middle of my college sign language class! I don’t do it as a kink thing…it just comes out. I feel it makes me a nicer person. I’m much more compliant than my peers. While everyone else is figuring out ways to get around the rules, I’m figuring out how to not break them. It’s just in my nature. It also makes me a better student. One of my Daddies forbid me from procrastinating…I still procrastinate, but a lot less than I used to! When my Daddy says it’s time for me to study, or do my homework, then it’s time to study or do my homework.

Last question… I promise…

No worries! I love the questions!

I get that your relationships have to be secretive from your daddies’ wives… do you keep it a secret amongst your friends and your relatives?

Yes. Dating someone twice my age and calling him Daddy is severely frowned upon. I understand that. Dating 3 someones twice my age and calling them all Daddy…well, no. Just no. 😛

I have, to date, told one non-kink friend. It’s a friend I met in marching band. I haven’t known her long, but I trust her. I haven’t told her they’re my Daddies yet…but she knows they’re ages, marital status and that there are 3 of them.

Is this something you plan on continuing for your whole life or just something you want to do while you are young?

Honestly, I get this question a lot. I don’t want to say either way…I’ll just say that this makes me extremely happy and I can’t imagine not being a little girl.

 I love learning all this.

I’m glad! I’m here in case you have any more questions. Really, I love them!

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  1. October 24, 2011 2:05 pm

    Great answers! 🙂

    BTW thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving me a comment. 🙂

  2. October 24, 2011 2:55 pm

    I would like to mention that I entirely agree that your holding on to your inner little girl makes you a better person. It protects you from the bitterness and banality that life pushes on everyone. It provides you the ability to shine light into the lives of people who are consumed with darkness, without risking your own light. We’re all lucky to have you. 🙂

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