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Dinner with Daddy

October 31, 2011

Daddy flew in to Orlando for a few hours. Unfortunately, due to stupid weather, his flight was delayed about 30 minutes. I ended up waiting at the airport for forever!!!
I cried when he told me at 3:40 that he was still on the ground. (He was supposed to arrive at 3:50.)
Eventually, he got there. I was so happy to see him! It just doesn’t compare to webcam.
We went ahead and got some lunch/dinner (my friend says it’s called lupper.) We were just about to get dessert (which I was really looking forward to) when he decided that we should go ahead and arrange our hotel reservation so that I can get into the room before him.
So, we head out of the restaurant and get onto the moving sidewalks…there were 2 of them. Right as we got onto the second, Daddy J said that the hotel lobby was in between both sidewalks…so we turned around at the end of the second moving sidewalk and went back…Daddy J was wrong…the hotel lobby was at the end of the second moving sidewalk. So, we got back on the second sidewalk and rode it until the end. We were so close to the lobby…and Daddy J announced that he had left his jacket at the restaurant…so we went back both moving sidewalks…and then came back. Finally, we made it to the elevators…Daddy J took the opportunity to kiss me. Those elevators definitely need to go slower!
We walk up to the front desk and I’m extremely curious as to how Daddy J is going to handle this. To my surprise, he tells the lady that I’m his daughter and he’d like me to have access to our room should his flight be delayed Friday night. She goes ahead and pulls up a room with 2 double beds…and Daddy J asks for a king sized bed instead. Wow. I loved her face right then! She sort of froze for a second, but then went ahead and got everything set. I took particular pleasure in telling her my name…specifically my last name, which is not the same as Daddy J’s. :”>
Once we were done, it was time to go. Daddy J walked me out, kissed me, and then sat on a bench with me to wait until the very last possible minute.
I enjoyed every second of our time together. It was definitely worth being late to band practice for. I can’t wait to spend the night together on Friday.

On another note, I have such a busy week! 5am band gig Wednesday, game day Thursday, NBC interview and sleepover with Daddy J Friday…plus an article review due Monday, a quiz due Saturday, and a 5 page essay due Thursday. Well, better get some rest if I’m going to keep up with my busy week!

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  1. November 7, 2011 12:41 pm

    Wow, your Daddy definitely has style! 🙂

  2. November 7, 2011 5:32 pm

    Yes, he does. 🙂

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