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January 13, 2012

Daddy J has decided that I need a routine every night. I wasn’t exactly thrilled about having a bed time, but I’ve come to enjoy it. Every night, or as close to every night as possible, Daddy J tucks me in. I love looking forward to that every night. When I’ve had an absolutely crazy day I know that my Daddy will tuck me in to bed that night and make everything better.

After he tucks me in, which happens around the same time every night, I get to stay up for about an hour and a half longer. There are, of course, exceptions to this routine. Occasionally, I’ll have some sort of social function. In that case, I may or may not get tucked in and lights must be out within 30 minutes of getting home.

I don’t enjoy the idea of lights out. I’ve gotten so used to sleeping with something playing on my laptop. The idea that I might stay up long enough to have to fall asleep in dark silence is not a nice one. For as long as I can remember I’ve gone to bed with a tv on.

We’re less than a week into our routine and overall I’m enjoying it. Daddy was right. I need adequate rest if I’m going to succeed in my courses this semester.

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