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Four Days

February 29, 2012

In 4 days my Daddy and I will be spending 6 days together. I’m so ridiculously excited. I miss my Daddy so much…and it’s only been a few hours since he’s been gone.

We’ll fly out early one morning…ridiculously early. Well, not that early, but I have to wake up super early to get to the airport. On the plane, my Daddy and I are going to watch a movie. We’re watching The Princess Bride. It was my Daddy’s idea. He was pretty shocked I hadn’t seen it yet, but it came out 4 years before I was even born!
While we’re there, my Daddy said we’d go watch the new Dr. Seuss movie. 🙂
I love my Daddy so much. I’ve changed so much because of him…well, not exactly changed, more like I’ve grown. My Daddy has helped me grow.

My Daddy’s life is changing a lot lately. I’m scared of what this change will bring. I’m worried that this change will mean less time with my Daddy in the future.

So…I’m glad we’ll get an entire week together before all of these changes happen. My Daddy says this means we won’t have to rush through certain things. We’ll have time to actually enjoy ourselves…enjoy each other…without as many time constraints. I’m excited to be able to say, “Well, why don’t we do that tomorrow,” knowing that we’ll be together tomorrow. I’ve never really had that. Other than my Daddy’s last visit when he drove back and forth between Tampa, we’ve never really been able to make plans together for our tomorrow. We usually have only short bursts of time together.

This week together will be good for us. I need it. My Daddy needs it. We need it.

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  1. pippinstrano permalink
    April 20, 2012 6:12 pm

    Your Daddy has helped you grow, and you’ve helped others grow in turn. 🙂

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