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June 1, 2012

I find it quite funny that my Daddy and I are so completely open and honest with each other and yet we always seem to have miscommunications! Our most recent one: whether or not I was allowed to have sex with other people.

When I accepted my Daddy’s collar I promised that he would be my only Daddy. I broke up with my other Daddies…one for being a jerk, and the other because our relationship had evolved into something else. Now, my Daddy thought he was quite clear in what this meant. I thought he was quite clear in what he meant.

So, what was our miscommunication? Well, as I recently discovered, I am allowed to have sex with others, so long as they are not my Daddy. I thought I had promised monogamy to my Daddy…but he saw it differently. This promise has caused me so much anxiety. I mean, how could I marry someone if I couldn’t have sex with them if I wanted to? I thought this meant that I would never ever be able to get married…when I tried to tell my Daddy this (a really long time ago…and in between tears) he simply reassured me that everything would work out. I had no idea why he wasn’t as worried about this as I was…and I didn’t want to break my promise to him.

So…here’s what happened: I can not see myself having sex with someone who isn’t in a Daddy-type figure. So, when my Daddy said no sex with any other Daddies because you shouldn’t have any other Daddies…well, I took that to mean “no sex with anyone that isn’t me.”

Thankfully, my Daddy and I talked this out the other night. He hadn’t realized that I only saw myself with Daddy-type relationships. Now that he knows, he will adjust his thinking and rules accordingly. I wonder what else we’ve managed to miscommunicate……

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  1. August 15, 2012 5:58 pm

    Wow, been there, done that 😦

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