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June 5, 2012

I’ve been rather disobedient lately. Yesterday, I asked my Daddy for permission to cum. He said that I could use my vibrator but I would cum when he gave permission. It was close to when I had to leave for class. When my Daddy stepped away from Skype, I got a call from a friend asking to come over. Rather than wait for my Daddy to come back, I disobeyed him and put my vibrator away. I explained it to my Daddy and he expressed his disappointment. He said it was settled.

Today, he gave me permission to have an orgasm. Rather than start masturbating, I stayed online to make a loan payment (which was really unnecessary at that exact moment.)

When I texted my Daddy to tell him I had made the payment, he asked what had happened to my orgasm. I had forgotten. My Daddy gave me a specific instruction and I didn’t obey it.

He told me to put my vibrator away…and my cuffs. I cried when he told me to put my cuffs away. The cuffs are a symbol of my submission to him. I wear them each night while I sleep.

He was right, though. I haven’t been submitting to him, so I don’t deserve to wear the cuffs. It hurts so much to know I’ve disappointed my Daddy. I don’t know why I haven’t been obeying him like I should. He’s been incredibly attentive lately considering his work schedule. Yesterday, he even let me sit in through skype on his work calls.

I need to do better. There isn’t anything more to it. Yes, I could make excuses…but they would be lies. I disobeyed my Daddy and I’m getting the punishment I deserve. :-/

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  1. August 15, 2012 5:54 pm

    A great deal of wisdom from a little girl 🙂

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