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August 22, 2012

Today, I went to band practice. I’m not very good at playing or marching, so practice is just one long period of moving my instrument from one spot to another.

Since marching band practice is so boring for me (I really should start paying more attention), I often fantasize about people. Well, today, for some odd reason, I was fantasizing about our assistant band director…super weird since he’s usually a jerk.

Any who, just as I was wondering what sex with him would be like (it wasn’t pretty), he starts talking to me. AWKWARD! I snapped out of it in time to figure out I missed my set and he wanted me to move and march better and play (anything, really, since I hadn’t been playing at all.)

I really should practice more so I can focus on the field…I should also probably eat something. My schedule makes it so that I have lunch at 1pm and then dinner at 9pm. :/


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