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A weekend with my Daddy

January 21, 2013

This is the first weekend I’ve spent with my Daddy at his place. For the year and a half that we’ve been seeing each other, he’s always made the trip to Orlando to visit me. For various reasons, he decided that it would be best for me to travel to him this time…I was promised a weekend of carnal excess, but I got so much more.

The plan for this weekend was to spend at least 48 hours completely naked. My Daddy finally cracked around the 50 hour mark. He ordered a pizza and was forced to get dressed. I made until around the 62 hour mark. Our personal records have been set. šŸ™‚

This weekend was different than all the others. Not necessarily better or worse, just different. I got to see a different side of my Daddy. We lay on his couch all cuddled up and watched the LOTR trilogy. He cooked for me, which was a new and welcomed experience. He had explained to me a while ago how he makes spaghetti and meatballs and I could not wait to try them. After months of waiting, he was finally able to make them for me…well worth the wait, btw.

But the weekend wasn’t all fun. There were some rather rough moments, for both of us. I cried myself to sleep last night wondering about the future of our relationship. It’s a personal struggle for me. I love my Daddy so very much, but he can’t offer me the life I think I want. Yet, I can’t bear the thought of altering our relationship. He’s so incredibly patient with me. He’s pushed me to do things I never thought I’d be able to do. He spoils me with love and toys. He kisses me in all the right places.

I think the hardest part of all of this is being unable to clearly articulate my feelings. I’m not too worried, though. With a Daddy as incredible as mine, I’m sure we’ll work things out when the time comes.

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