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The story of a mouse

October 14, 2014

She snuck into our lives so quietly, this Ginger Mouse. Just a simple message on a dating site is all it took. It must not have seemed like such a big step to her. She’d probably meet a guy, have lunch with him, maybe even sleep with him, but how could she have known she had just written to the man that would become her Daddy. How could she have known he’d have his own little girl already who was just bursting with excitement at the thought of her?

My Daddy’s Ginger Mouse has been in our lives for about a month now and I can hardly imagine a time without her. I feel as though she just fits so perfectly in our lives and our relationship. I cuddle on Daddy’s right and she cuddles on Daddy’s left. She’s always willing to talk to me and tolerate me, which is no easy task. She’s still so new at BDSM and poly, but she’s trying her best to take the giant leaps I want her to take instead of the baby steps Daddy says are best for her. We talk about Daddy and our relationships with him all the time, which I really love. I want to know all about her relationship and she’s slowly opening up about it. She’ll answer most of my direct questions, which is so sweet of her because I know she doesn’t have to answer any.

Pretty soon, Daddy and his Ginger Mouse will travel somewhere together. They’ll spend a few days together the same way Daddy and I spend days together. They’ll be together and I’ll be alone and that kind of sucks. I really wish I could join them, but that would be rude and I have classes and clients to think of. It’s good for them to spend extended amounts of time together. Ginger Mouse does such a great job of helping me feel included. I might even say that she does a better job than Daddy does, though that’s only because Daddy is so focused on his work stuff.

Sometimes I feel like I’m intruding on their relationship, but she’s just so welcoming.

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  1. October 15, 2014 9:25 am

    Sounds like everything is running smoothly.

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