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Food and Wine Festival!

October 21, 2014

Daddy came up to spend the weekend with me at the Food and Wine Festival. It was a weekend of continuous food coma and I loved it. He drove up Friday night just a few minutes after I had finished packing. After a good night’s sleep and a bit of play, we went over to Hollywood Studios to draw Eeyore! It’s one of my favorite things to do at Disney. Unfortunately, I don’t really like much else at HS, so we headed over to Epcot for lunch. After a few stops, we decided to head back to our room for a bit.

Dinner was just as awesome. Daddy had made reservations at Epcot at a place with some rather strange food. I ordered chicken, which I thought would be a safe choice, but it was green! It was delicious, but it was green.

Just after we left dinner we ran into some friends from grad school. That was interesting to watch. My Daddy’s really good at striking up a conversation with just about anyone. It’s no surprise that this was no different. Daddy got to hear what my friends think of me in a professional setting, but they definitely talked me up too much. Yes, Daddy has met my friends before. He’s even invited a few to lunch, but he’s never met anyone that has seen me in a clinical setting.

After a few more stops for dessert, we headed back to our room to recover. I took a bubble bath while Daddy spent some alone time with his Ginger Mouse. By the time my fingers were all prune-y, Daddy was sitting out in the living room still talking to her. I got so freakin’ excited when I realized he was talking to her. I climbed right onto his lap and begged to be included! So, we Skyped her! After I had talked to them for a bit, Daddy sent me back into the shower so he could finish talking to her alone. That kind of sucked, but I guess it’s fine. Daddy and I had to have a long talk that night about boundaries and setting proper expectations. It wasn’t because he was upset that I had joined in, it was more about him wanting to make sure that I understood that we all needed some alone time with each other sometimes. I understand the concept, I just can’t imagine ever having a conversation with Daddy that I wouldn’t want his Ginger Mouse to join in on, which makes the reverse equally difficult for me to grasp. It was actually pretty difficult for Daddy to explain it all to me.

Sunday was basically one long, continuous food coma, too. It started off with breakfast made by Daddy and ended with a Brioche and ice cream sandwich in France. Then Daddy had me buy some bath bombs so I could take another bath, without bubbles this time. That was followed by a nap and then play time! I got to try the violet wand for real this time. I had tried it Saturday night, but I was so scared I was in tears even though I could barely feel anything. So, Sunday night, he tied me up and blindfolded me and let me try it a second time. I was able to enjoy it a bit more and Daddy was constantly asking if he was hurting me. Eventually he let me see again and I kept telling me that he was hurting me with scared, which just made him laugh a bunch.

Overall, it was a good trip. I hated having to come back home Monday morning, but I’m glad I got to spend a weekend with my Daddy.

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