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And now she knows

October 24, 2014

Daddy decided to tell his daughter about me and his Ginger Mouse. His daughter came to visit him for a bit, which is really great. He definitely missed her and needed to see her. Through a series of unfortunate events, she discovered that I was on the reservation. She asked who I was and just said that I was a friend that had stayed with him this weekend. Daddy said that she didn’t bring it up again and that was that.

Until last night. Last night he texted Ginger Mouse and I and said that he had finally told her about both of us. He was tired of hiding us from someone that he loved so much. He didn’t tell her everything, of course…some things a daughter just doesn’t need to know about her dad, but he told her quite a bit. He even told her that Ginger Mouse and I had become friends!

So, now I prepare to be cyber stalked. Facebook is fully locked down. My tweets aren’t, but that should be fine. I know she will not be checking Fetlife (thank goodness!). Thankfully, my name is common enough that I shouldn’t be too easy to find…Ginger Mouse on the other hand has a rather unique name. Best of luck to her. 😉

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