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Meeting Ginger Mouse

December 2, 2014
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I’m going to visit Daddy for the first time since he’s started seeing his Ginger Mouse. A few weeks ago I would have been bouncing off the walls at the idea of meeting her, but I’m not so excited at the moment.

My Daddy has a solid plan. He knows that he’s a different person with each of us. Rather than have us meet while also having to be around him at the same time, he chose to remove himself from the equation. The plan is to get the two of us at a neutral place, maybe for lunch or something and then he can leave us to talk.

I’m hesitant to meet her. My relationship with her isn’t in the best place right now. She last texted me over a week ago to tell me that Daddy and I should be together by ourselves and not share our affections with other people. That really hurt me. She sent that after I had fallen asleep, so I woke up to that message. I was shocked and hurt and angry. How dare she say something like that after I tried my very best to welcome her into our relationship? Daddy didn’t chase after her and force himself on her. She chose this. So, why would she say something like that? It made me feel like all the hard stuff the 3 of us worked past was all for nothing.

I didn’t tell Daddy about the message she sent me, not right away. I didn’t want that to influence how he felt about her at all. I told him the other night when he told me he wanted her and I to meet. I told him how uncomfortable I am meeting her right now, but he insists. He said that she had a lot going on at the time that she wrote that to me and I should just look past it.

Daddy says I need to trust him, and I will, but I’m still hesitant. I know she’s fabulous and this was probably just a big misunderstanding, but I can’t change the way I feel about her just because Daddy says so. Maybe it’ll be different when we’re sitting across from each other. I hope it’s different. I hope she’s as fabulous and amazing as I always thought she’d be.

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